All abstracts should be submitted online.

All abstract should be submitted from 25th February, 2019. 

Click the ‘Submit Abstract’ button below to begin your submission.

The Abstract should be no more than 300 words. This limit does not include the abstract title.

The Abstract should summarize the work done in such a way that it can be understood by any interested reader and not only experts in that study/field/subject.

When submitting the abstract online, ensure to choose one of the six sub-theme under which you’ll be making your submission. The sub-themes are listed below.

1.      Healthcare Workforce and Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

2.      Emerging Approaches/Trends in Sourcing for Healthcare Workforce

3.      Health Systems Governance and Human Resources for Health

4.      Healthcare Workforce Challenges and Opportunities

5.      Modern Workforce and Technology

6.      Lessons for the health workforce from cross-cutting disciplines (sectors)

The Abstract should include the following sections:

a.       Introduction/Background – the context and problem investigated/purpose of the study

b.      Methods – how the study was carried out and how the data was analyzed

c.       Results – a brief of the main findings

d.       Conclusions – brief summary of conclusions from the paper and potential implications

As a general guide, the TITLE should be concise and informative, should include initials and name(s) of the authors, institutional affiliations.

Abstract acceptance notices will be issued in November.

Oral Presentations:

All oral presentations are expected to last 10 minutes, followed by a brief 5-minute session of questions/feedback from the audience. Specific program details including date of your presentation and focus theme area will be communicated in due course.

For any inquiries contact:

Gregory Omondi 

Email: abstracts[at]knunfoundation.org


Scientific/Abstract Committee